Café Noir * 13 oktober 2017

Bakker  This performance is in English !!
  La Sirène (Wilma Bakker)
   m.m.v. Mister Roberto

  Vrijdag 13 oktober 2017 / 20:30 uur
  Toegang: € 22,50     koop-ticket-s  

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  tijdens kantoor uren van maandag t/m vrijdag
  en vanaf 1½ uur voor de voorstelling.


                   CAFÉ NOIR: a musical ride to the other side of midnight.
                 Night Hawks at the cabaret that roam the city jungle”       
                 Starring : La Sirène & Mister  Roberto
                 Moving images: Picture Search/Michael Helmerhorst
                 Chansonnière, extra ordinaire La Sirène  will take you on a trip through the underworld of  film Noir from the
                 rich tradition of the fourties & fifties accompanied by her partner in crime pianoman  Mister Roberto 
                 A hard to handle bunch of hoodlums and shady characters will make their appearance in background
                 projection presented by Picture search   
                 All this imagery is set against the background of a film Noir-like nightclub containing variety impressions,  
                 bizarre, burlesque acts & the usual audience: 
smoking, drinking and mingling...with stars and underworld kingpins.
                 CAFÉ NOIR is a true journey to the other side of midnight paying tribute to the classics and pastiches of the
                 hardboiled genre with great music from: 
André Previn, Elmer Bernstein, Stephen Sondheim, Tom Waits, Kander & Ebb,
                 Kurt Weill, Leonard Cohen , Fischer & Robberts and John Barry.
                 A nocturnal songbook for your entertainment and approval.
                 If you can’t breathe any longer on the hot city pavement:
                 “get your onions up and find a hideout in CAFE NOIR!`                 
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